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Please follow the link to access to the dedicated website


All participants including Chairmen and Speakers are required to register and settle registration fees prior to the conference.

Registration deadline is set on 15th of June 2017 at 20:00 GMT. Due to security reasons, no registration after this date will be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.

Registration fees

Participant 1300.00€
Speaker/Chairman 1000.00€
3AF Member 1000.00€

Please note only speakers delivering a presentation can register as « Speaker/Chairman » at 1000.00€, co-authors are requested to register as « participants »

For any question regarding the registration, please send an email to

Cancellation policy

Cancellation will only be accepted up to 15 days prior to the conference and must be in writing. At less than 15 days from the conference, € 700.00 cancellation fee will apply. Delegates who do not cancel before the start of the conference (27th of June 2017) will be liable to the full registration fees.



Updated on May, 15th – Please be aware that it will be regularly updated


List of topics to be adressed :

1- Ballistic & hypersonic Missile Threat  –  Dual threat (ABT & TBM)
2- NATO BMD – NATO IMAD : CONOPS & Architectures perspectives
3- International & European Policy and Cooperation
4- National programs and RETEX outside NATO
5- Industrial capabilities world wide – models of cooperation
6- Defence Architectures & Integration of Air and Missile Defence
7- Command and Control – C2 for Dual Architectures : Approach & constraints
8- Sensor systems & Sensor nettings, incl. Space
9- Interceptors & Weapons Systems and Technologies
10- Testing, Targets and Demonstration programmes
11- Modeling and Simulation
12- Lethality & Limiting the Consequences of Intercept
13- Innovative cost saving approaches and procurement
14- Training – Dual training vs distributed architectures
15- CRAM
16- Directed Energy weapons
17- Counter UAV
18- Space Security and Defence